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Don’t Settle for Today’s Performance

The Super Spreader is a simple, bolt-on solution designed to maximize residue spread efficiency up to 48% on transverse rotary Gleaner combines and matched width spreading up to 45' headers. The U.S. Patent Pending design features height specific paddles with an improved trajectory angle to limit heaving banding of crop residue behind the machine that can lead to poor nutrient management, erosion, and inconsistent soil moisture and temperature. Take advantage of an even residue spread and get into the field earlier in the spring, improve seed emergence, and increase yield potential and profit opportunity.

Improved Trajectory Angle

The patent pending, 45 degree trajectory angle is a vital component of the Super Spreader’s ability to spread up to 45’ widths. The 45 degree angle at which the residue is launched increases the range, height, and time of flight compared to the standard OEM paddle which is at a straight 90 degree angle. The ability to spread the residue to match the width of the header will promote even soil moisture and temperature, provide more consistent seed emergence, and ultimately increase yield potential.  

Height Specific Paddles

The individual paddles are designed for maximum residue spread capacity with over a 2.6 inch increase in height over the OEM offering. The taller design will allow more crop residue to enter the spinner disc bed with each rotation to eliminate the “bunching” effect commonly seen today. A smoother, more effective residue discharge process will limit crop banding or bunching of residue behind the machine and increase next year's yield potential.

Built To Last

Built proudly in the U.S.A. from high quality, 12 gauge steel and designed to retrofit to all transverse rotary Gleaner combines.  The taller, bolt on UHMW plastic extension features extremely good wear and release properties and is used extensively for chain guides, wear rails, chute liners, truck liners, and several other applications.  Built to withstand the toughest harvest conditions, the Super Spreader is up to the challenge.

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