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Super Spreader

The Super Spreader is a simple, bolt-on solution designed to maximize residue spread efficiency up to 48% on transverse rotary Gleaner combines and matched width spreading up to 45' headers in most conditions. The U.S. Patent Pending design features height specific paddles with an improved trajectory angle to limit heaving banding of crop residue behind the machine that can lead to poor nutrient management, erosion, and inconsistent soil moisture and temperature. Take advantage of an even residue spread and get into the field earlier in the spring, improve seed emergence, and increase yield potential and profit opportunity. 

Tax: Tax exempt for agriculture use.

Additional Information:  Kit includes four individual paddles with some assembly required.  A flat rate $50 shipping and handling fee is applied at checkout and all orders placed are considered final. Super Spreader is not responsible for any damage or injury due to incorrect assembly of the straw spreader.  Ensure the hardware is securely tightened to OEM (Gleaner) specifications.

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